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What does an explorer desire in a holiday destination? A perfect climate, pristine beaches, and a great nightlife sound appealing to you? Tenerife located in the famous Canary Islands of Spain offers you all of these things and more with some stunning landscapes and mouth-watering food. If you are someone who is planning a trip there soon, we bet that you will end up wondering why you did not plan a visit earlier. 

Things to Do in Tenerife

We spent 5 days on this beautiful island. We were short of time and had a lot to cover. We loved these places and should consider adding them to your bucket-list.

1. Candelaria 

It is a small town located on the southeast coast to Tenerife. There is a lot to explore here. We visited the Basilica of Our Lady Candelaria, the beautiful and artsy shopping street, and the Patron Saint of the Islands. While you are strolling around the town, you can come across plenty of statues facing you and their back facing the seas. They are supposed to be the guardians of the town. There are lots of cool places to enjoy a cup of steaming coffee and a piece of cake.

2. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Often overlooked from a tourism point of view, this place is the capital of Tenerife. There are plenty of things to do here. You could join the second largest carnival in the world, find local food at the Market of Our Lady of Africa, or walk around in the city centre of Santa Cruz. There is a beautiful park called Parque Garcia Sanabria, where you could spend some time admiring the gorgeous flowers. 

3. San Andres Santa Cruz de Tenerife

A small village located on the coastal foot of Anaga Mountains, this place has the municipal administration of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. There is a beautiful one and a half kilometre long beach called Playa de las Teresitas with a stunning mountain backdrop. The beach was developed by bringing in 270,000 tonnes of white sand from the Sahara. Trust us; once you are here, you will not want to go back.

4. La Laguna

Second-most populous city on the cluster of islands. There are hundreds of bars to chill at, and the city centre is always bustling with locals and tourists alike. You could consider exploring the churches and other historic buildings or engage in some retail therapy by shopping for vintage items.

5. Los Gigantes Beach

Commonly called as Los Gigantes Beach, this beach is located in the small town of Los Gigantes. You would go ‘wow’ as soon as you reach the beach. You get an amazing view of the cliffs of Los Gigantes. The cliff rises from the ocean floor to an altitude of 800 metres. You could spend all day gazing at the beauty. If you are interested in watching dolphins and whales, we recommend taking a boat tour which starts at 10 Euros. 

6. Teide National Park

This national park features the Teide-Pico Viejo, which is the third tallest volcanic structure and the highest peak in all of Spain. The landscape is stunning, and the sea of clouds gives an amazing visual to the mountain backdrop. The landscape is uniquely filled with craters and streams of petrified lava. The place has an impressive display of shapes and colours. 

Teide National Park

Teide National Park

Teide National Park


7. Masca Trail

A moderately difficult hike for beginners, the walk starts at the centre of the town to the Masca Gorge. Your guide will evaluate your health and fitness before taking you on the walk. The trail is tricky and isolated, with no access to public transport. It has lots of beautiful views, and you can get plenty of opportunities to click pictures. 

Tenerife, Masca

Where to Stay:

There are a plethora of options to stay in Tenerife. If you are a party animal, you could either consider staying in Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas or Costa Adeje. If you want to spend some romantic time with your partner, there are various options in Alcala and Abama Beach. If you are looking for a quiet beach holiday, you could stay in Puerto Santiago or Los Gigantes. 

How to Explore Tenerife:

You could choose from guided tours, renting a bike or car or you could consider hiking. We happened to rent a car, and the experience was quite amazing. We noted that renting a car was the fastest way to explore the island since we had very limited time. 

Where to Eat:

The flavour of the simple and traditional Tenerific food is worth trying. You can experience a rustic taste on your palate. The traditional Canary Cuisines are slightly different from the usual Spanish. We visited many restaurants and want to share our favourites:

  • La Hierbita in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, great food, reasonable prices.
  • La Concepción (Tapas Bar) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife We liked it more than La Hierbita, they also offer vegetarian and vegan options.
  • La gran Paella Valenciana in Costa Adeje (within walking distance from Playa de Las Americas). We visited this place twice, very tasty and fresh sea food, great sangria and very reasonable prices.
  •  Empire Modern British Restaurant & Steak House on Playa de Las Americas. Very tasty and juicy steaks (HUGE portions), pleasant atmosphere, reasonable prices. 

We would recommend you to try the Papаs Arrugadas Con Mojos which is made of small potatoes cooked in salt water until the skin is wrinkled. 
Another dish we loved was the Almagrote. It is a creamy dish cooked with tomato and hard cheese.

Lastly, if you love fish, do not go home without trying the Cherne fish, which is grilled and served with potatoes and sautéed vegetables. 

Few Tips:

We do not leave our readers without recommending a few do’s and don’ts. For the beautiful Tenerife, we recommend the following:

  • Speak to the locals. They are the most welcoming and friendly. 
  • Learn a few Spanish words to make your stay easier and comfortable.
  • If you end up shopping, do not forget to claim VAT refunds on your way back. 
  • Make sure to pack your sunscreen lotions. You will be spending an awful lot of time in the sun. 

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