Things to Do and See in Hawaii, Oahu Island (Honolulu), Part 2
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As promised, we are back with our second blog in the series. So, without further ado, here’s listing the top activities to try out in Hawaii. 

Catch the Sunrise at Stairway to Heaven

You know how they say, ‘Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest’? Same is the case with the stairway to heaven hike which is actually illegal and off-limits. But worry not, as there is a technically legal way too that you can find out after some asking around. The view from the summit is worth all the trouble, trust us. Don’t forget to capture the spectacular sunrise and freeze the moment forever. Alternatively, you can get a local guide to take you up the stairway to heaven legally, and it is safer at the cost of a few bucks. 

Swim with Sharks

Without a doubt, this will be one of the most daredevil activities that you will ever indulge in. Swimming with sharks is as adrenaline-pumping as it sounds. Many tour operator companies can readily take you snorkelling or cage diving as sharks swim all around you. You don’t have to worry about any accidents or injuries as these companies take extreme precautions for your safety to discover the wonders of the undersea life. 

Relax at Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay, Hawaii

Waimea Bay is one of the most popular beaches of Oahu where there are plenty of things to do. From enjoying a leisurely stroll with your loved one and swimming with a sea turtle to participating in a surfing competition, the possibilities are endless. The bay is also known for its giant rock that rests half on the shore and half in water. Jumpers enjoy jumping off the huge rock and splashing into the ocean. The underwater tunnels and huge waves make it an absolute favourite of not just the locals but tourists as well.

Manoa Falls

Don’t be surprised if the lush green area surrounding Manoa Falls seems familiar to you as the highly-acclaimed show Lost and Academy-award winning movie, Jurassic Park was shot here. Located at a short distance from the lively streets of Waikiki, the jungle trail takes you to a scintillating waterfall. The area is a haven for nature lovers as it is brimming with exotic species of flora and fauna, most of which can only be found in Oahu.

Helicopter Tour of Oahu


Helicopter tours are one of the best ways to experience Hawaii in a never-seen-before way. Fly above island landmarks and soak in the bird’s eye views of Oahu sights such as Diamond Head and Sacred Falls. If you are travelling with your loved one, this can be a very romantic activity to see the phenomenal scenery of the island’s lush valleys, historic sights and hidden rainforests from thousands of feet up in the air.

Zip-line at Kualoa Ranch

Get your heart thumping by zip-lining across the Jurassic movie area at the top of Ka’a’awa Valley. There are seven exhilarating tandem sections that you can zip-line across. It is a fun adventure activity you can enjoy with your gang of buddies or family. On the zip-line tour, you can also gain insights into the native Hawaiian plants of the Ka’a’awa Valley and marvel at the plant and animal life that are present in abundance. 

Koko Crater Railway Trail & Koko Crater Arch

The Koko Crater Railway Trail has its own fan base because of the magnificent and unmatched vistas it offers. If you are new to hiking or prefer comfortably walking to reach the top, you can cover the distance between half an hour to an hour. You also have the option to book a proper tour which makes things easier with a guide’s knowledge to depend upon. Don’t forget to witness the incredible rock formation of Koko Crater Arch on the edge of the crater.

Hike Chinaman’s Hat


A short-swim or kayak can access a cosy island near Kualoa Ranch, Chinaman’s Hat. Legend has it that the place got its name owing to its distinctive shape that resembles a traditional Chinese hat. Once you reach the island, enjoy a mini hike to the top to see unobstructed views of the mighty Kualoa Mountains and the shore. The looming cliffs and gorgeous turquoise waters are sure to leave you spellbound. 

Perfect Your Yoga Poses on a Standup Paddleboard 

Looking for a unique way to enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer while connecting with your inner self? Try some yoga poses on the ocean as you witness the sun setting behind the horizon and calming your senses. You can also, try night SUP yoga with LED lights and combine the adventure of stand-up paddle-boarding with the precision of yoga. The mesmerising setting of the serene lagoon is one of the most unforgettable experiences you will ever have on this trip we promise.

Ka’au Crater Hike

If you are in good shape, make the most of your fitness by hiking the Ka’au Crater. We won’t recommend this for beginner hikers who are not used to physical exertion as there are some segments during the hike where you are required to use ropes to pull yourself up. The hike leads you up to three dazzling waterfalls and takes you through the edge of the crater for 360-degree views in all directions.

Parasailing at Waikiki

Wish to see the bird’s eye view of Oahu from thousands of feet up in the air? Parasailing is the perfect activity that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Enjoy the bright colours and brilliant coastline of Hawaii as you look down. Admire the changing shades of the sky as the sun dips behind the horizon. You can choose to go solo or tandem, making it safe even for kids to enjoy thoroughly.  

We hope you’d try out all these thrilling activities and much more on your trip to Hawaii and enjoy it to bits. Stay tuned for our last blog in the series as we take you to the best places to hog on yummy local delicacies. 

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