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AeroMexico, what to say, I was shocked reading all those not good reviews about the company, after we purchased a holiday package, with AeroMexico being the airline flying us to and from Mexico. 

The rating on Trustpilot 1.9*, TripAdvisor is a little higher 3.5*. Company’s reviews mostly consist of the comments about very rude flight attendants, horrible service onboard, lost luggage, stolen items from your baggage, etc. Honestly, it was quite hard to find a comment of a satisfied customer. 

We didn’t want to spend more money and rebook our flight with another company, so we gave it a go. 

A return flight from London Heathrow to Cancun with a stop in Mexico City. 

After reading all those negative reviews, we decided to prep for the flight. We had an economy class tickets that included 2 carry-on items, both up to 10 kg and checked baggage up to 23kg. The baggage allowance seemed to be pretty good for the company with an average rating being approx 2.7*. 

We divided all our items and took all valuables and some clothes on board in the carry on luggage, we also, wrapped the baggage at the airport, hoping our stuff arrives in Cancun with us.

We boarded the plane and the first impression was very good. A new, modern plane, looked tidy, a smiling flight attendant welcomes you onboard. 

Honestly, what’s going on, it’s not what I prepared myself for. 

Got to the runway, ready to take off, as the pilot announced that we had a weather radar broken and needed to return to the gates for engineers to take a look. Well, I’ll better be safe than sorry. 

We were delayed a little more than an hour, which left us with just 50 min for the connection flight. 

They started serving food, and here it is again absolutely great service. We were offered to chose between chicken or pasta for a meal and, juice, coke, water or wine fo a drink. The food was served twice throughout the flight. 

On arrival to Mexico City, the company’s staff was waiting for us and assisting all passengers with the connection flights, in their own way, of course, shouting loudly – Cancun, Cancun, this way for Cancun. 

The second flight was also great. The plane was pretty old, I don’t think I’ve ever flown on such an old plane, but, anyway, they were serving some snakes and free drinks which is great. We were happy to see our baggage in Cancun safe and sound. 

On the way back, the flight from Cancun to Mexico City was good and the plane was new this time. But, in Mexico City, we found out that our flight to London was five and a half hours delayed. At the information desk, we received vouchers for a free meal, had late dinner and just waited for the flight. 

To sum up, we obviously weren’t happy with all the delays thing, who would be, but we didn’t see or experienced anything bad on our 4 flights with the company. The service was nice, seats were comfortable, we had enough of legroom, friendly staff, the flight entertainment was good, the internet was available onboard for an extra price, but anyone could use WhatsApp or Messenger for texts free of charge. 

We would rate the overall experience 4.5* out of 5. Taking 0.5 for delays. 

Maybe we were just lucky and didn’t meet all those rude flight attendants, but in the end, everyone is different with different expectations. 

Our experience was great and we would recommend AeroMexico to our friends and family. Thank you, AeroMexico for safely flying us to and from Mexico. 

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  2. Mirian González

    Hi my name is Mirian. I’m Mexican. Resident of the USA.
    I do have bad experience en Aeromexico I didn’t not recommended it Aeroméxico. twice this year 2020!!
    Yes twice this year. I hate then, when I arrive in Mexico City they where rude & mean.

    1. Alona

      Hi Mirian,

      I am sorry about your experience.
      Maybe we just got lucky.

  3. Yuni

    I love with your post. You had enjoy with your travelling and not get any issue with airline as well. You are very lucky.


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